1. Please upload the film by 5th of October.
  2. Please keep in mind that film has to be 2-5 min in length and must be addressing anti-smoking topics.
 Option 1: Using PC or Mac
  • Step 1: Upload Film on Dropbox.com, by following the steps below:
  1. Sign into Dropbox.com using an email address.
  2. Click the Upload button from the very top of the window.
  3. A window will appear. Click the Choose File button and then select the file on your computer that you’d like to submit.
  4. Choose the Film file, and then click the Start Upload button.

Step 2: Share link using the website

  1. Sign in to the Dropbox website (if you haven’t already).
  2. Right-click on the folder or file name to open the contextual menu.
  3. Click Share link from the drop-down menu.
  4. Once the link is created, a preview window appears. Enter the email addresses stopsmokingkorean@gmail.com to send the link to or select Get link to copy the URL so that you can paste it in your email..

Option 2. Send us CD or DVD with your video

  1. Burn a CD or DVD with your video
  2. Send it to the following address by Suite 404, Macquarie University Clinic. 2 Technology Place Macquarie University NSW 2109. Video must arrive by 5th of October.
  3. Inform us via email (stopsmokingkorean@gmail.com) that you have sent via mail

Check List

Ο Have you filled in and submit the Entry Form?

Ο Have download the parent consent form, got the sign and sent it to stopsmokingkorean@gmail.com, if you are under 18 of age?

Ο Have you upload your film to Dropbox.com and shared the link to us by sending the link to stopsmokingkorean@gmail.com?

Then you are done! Wait for a good news!