About Us


About KAMS

Korean Australian Medical Society (KAMS) is a professional association of registered medical practitioners established for the purpose of providing: charitable works, education, collegiality, advocacy and health promotion to members of the association as well as the wider Korean-Australian community. We are a non-profit organisation established on 27th July 2012 with vision of making contributions to the Korean-Australian community.

Membership is open to all medical practitioners registered in the states and territory of Australia with an interest in providing and promoting health and medical care to the Australian-Korean community.

Current Executive KAMS Committee members

President: Dr Alice Lee
Vice-president/ Education Officer : Dr Peter Lee
Secretary: Dr Chad Lim, Dr Ju Yong Chung
Treasurer: Dr Peter Yoon
Public Liaison Officer: Dr Kris Park
Charity Work Officer: Dr Kisup Kim, Dr Yoon Hi Cho
Social Event Officer: Dr Yena Hye, Dr Steven Yun
Medical Student Liaison Officer: Dr Joshua Lee
Committee members: Dr BJ Huh, Dr Hansoo Lee, Dr Haryun Won, Dr John Chang, Dr Peter Kim, Dr Andrew Kim, Dr Jungyoon Huh, Dr Matthew Kim
Constitution of KAMS